Ground Filming


Capturing a building or business from afar is an excellent way of engaging new customers, but what about honing in on the more intricate details?

We provide professional ground filming alongside our regular drone services.

Combining different angles allows businesses to create a multifaceted view of what they have to offer.

For example, potential investors gain a valuable insight into the progress of new property developments, whilst people can see a preview of a space they’re wanting to visit, such as a leisure park.

We’re also experienced in documenting events and conducting interviews – it’s all about getting up close and personal, whilst dispersing this content with sweeping shots from above.  

Again, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that you’re looking your best.

We also love to collaborate on projects.

film experts

We work with the best film experts we know, and alongside freelance experts in their field, offer a vision like no other.


Our ground equipment includes the Osmo Pro for steadycam like footage. Also the Sony A7Rii and Black magic cameras completely our aerial equipment 


HD monitors allows the director an opportunity to watch the footage live.

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