Drones For Schools

We love what we do and we want to share it with the next generation. We have the skills, experience and expertise to bring our Drones for Schools program to the the education sector.


Digital technologies, including drones, are going to be a huge part of our children’s futures, whether it’s for their jobs or in their everyday lives.

Octovision Media has strong connections with local schools and colleges, including the Ron Dearing UTC and Stepney Primary School.

Currently in development, our Drones for Schools programme strives to inspire and educate pupils in the power of drone technology and computer programming.

Our service extends to advising and consulting with educators on how best to use drone technology in and outside of the classroom, as well as which models best suit your organisation or establishment.

Contact us today to find out how our exciting Drones for Schools program can help both teachers and students fly a drone through coding.

Experienced Pilots

We have over 20 years flying RC and over 450 hours flying our fleet of drones, since gaining our permission for commercial operation. We are heading into our fourth year of flying.


In Schools the Tello drone is a perfect beginner drone to allow students from as young as primary school, the chance to program a drone to fly a certain route or pattern, using simple coding techniques.

DJI Simulator

Hooking up the DJI remote control to a TV via HDMI, can enable the students to practice flying a drone for the first time in the safe surroundings inside the school on the simulator.

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